Oprah Winfrey: The American Dream

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Although Oprah Winfrey struggled with familial issues and sexual assault as a young woman, her successful talk-show and theatrical achievements exemplified her American Dream. She has used her success to find contentment in her life and help inspire others by donating large amounts of her wealth to charities. Oprah Winfrey is a prime example of the AMerican Dream, because she represents all facets of the American Dream. She has an underdog story, where she came out on top, the rags-to-riches cliche come to life. Winfrey has become wildly successful through hard work, determination, and hope, the three things that America is so famous for being able to sustain. She not only built an affluent lifestyle for herself out of next to nothing, but …show more content…

Mrs.Winfrey went from a small, unknown town in Kansas to living in million dollar homes all across the country (“Academy of Achievements”). Not only did she accomplish this, but she also did this in a way that she felt was true to herself, and made herself happy in the process. Oprah, being a woman of color, also represents that someone can come from racial and gendered prejudices in America and overcome these barriers with perseverance and strength. She has said “Turn your wounds into wisdom.”, this really embodies how she has chosen live her life. Oprah turned her rough, traumatic childhood into a life that most only dream about, and she has always given back as well. Her struggles through childhood improved her ability to empathize and connect with people who do not have as much as she does. To help give back, she has created projects such as the Mississippi Animal Rescue League and the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa (“Look to the Stars”). The creation of these projects, along with her rampant success are what makes Oprah the perfect embodiment of the American Dream. All in all, Oprah’s impressive success story is something that has become commonly known as the American Dream, because that’s what it is. Oprah’s life is a living embodiment of what most American people want, a stable family, happy conscious,

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