Organizational Behavior Issues In Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant

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Organizational Behavior Issues in Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant
Organizational issues
Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant faces multiple quandaries associated with human behavior. Workers feel unappreciated as an integral part of the company, disposable and insignificant. Suspicion about bonus calculations, lack of transparency, job insecurity, and perceptions of inequitableness in the payment scheme have instigated uncertainty and open rebellion against the company.
One of the core problems at the organization is low productivity. Employees’ output is subpar and does not conform to the expected or stipulated levels. This has adverse effects on downstream automakers because they must contend with delays in the supply of side mirrors. It also results in missed deadlines, which erodes customers’ confidence in the organization. Sluggishness among employees also results in a general rise in overheads (Beer & Collins, 2008). For example, the organization must airlift completed parts to customers to shorten delivery times in the face of production delays. This method is significantly expensive compared to routine shipment methods.
Another issue that bedevils the organization is low employee motivation and engagement. Employees are generally lethargic and unenthusiastic about their work. They do not work autonomously without pressure and supervision of managers (Beer & Collins, 2008). Employees at the plant also perceive a breakdown in their psychological contract with the organization.
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