Organizational Culture In USIU-Africa

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1.1 Background of the Study
Culture of the workplace plays a very important role which is consciously and deliberately passed on to new employees. The importance of organizational culture is emphasized by Peters & Waterman (1982) who state that: “Without exception, the dominance and coherence of culture proved to be an essential quality of the excellent companies. Moreover the stronger the culture, the more it was directed to the marketplace, the less need was there for policy manuals, organizational charts, detailed procedures or rules. In these companies, people way down the line know what they are supposed to do in most situations because the handful of guiding values is crystal clear”.
The concept of organizational culture is widely used by many organizations. Organizational culture has assumed considerable importance in the 21st century, because of its impact on employee performance and job satisfaction. It is important that every organization understands its own dynamic culture so
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To be a premier institution of academic excellence with a global perspective.
Promote the discovery and application of knowledge, the acquisition of skills and the development of intellect and character in a manner which prepares students to contribute effectively and ethically as citizens of a changing and increasingly technological world.
The mission is achieved through selected high quality undergraduate and graduate academic programs which result in the following outcomes: high order thinking, literacy, global understanding and multicultural perspective, preparedness for career, leadership and ethics, and community service and development.

Core Values
Life-long learning
Developing a learning culture that continues throughout a person’s

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