Othello Q Brothers Analysis

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Othello the Remix The Q brothers made a choice to not handle the daunting task of remaking the text as it was original meant to be seen. Instead, they took Othello’s backbones, and they committed to making a unique show for themselves. It is hard to keep up with Shakespeare’s imagery by the book since his theater was far different from today’s theater. Despite the difficulty, many try to make straight Shakespearian theater, but it rarely lives up to reading the text nowadays. I think the Q Brothers were wise to make their own path, rather than try to recreate Shakespeare’s work. Primarily, they have made Shakespeare fit their modern audience, like the original worked for the English commoners and nobles. The Q brother gave Othello its local …show more content…

Rap is a perfect fit because Othello concerns greed, power, money, love, non-serious girlfriends, and violence; therefore, the original best fits the themes of the rap genre. Seriously, it be ridiculous to have it set in like Nashville in the country genre, with this set of main themes. Iago believes Othello is emasculated by falling in love. In the rap world, rappers with monogamous relationships are viewed in the same way. They are often seen as sellouts for falling in love. After Othello makes his slow love song for Desdemona, Iago accuses Othello of betraying his rap career with such a lame song, but the song makes the audience understand the authenticity and intensity of Othello’s love. At least, modern audiences are capable of relating to a love song. Nevertheless, I would compare this Othello and Desdemona to early Jay Z and Beyonce, early because now they are a power couple. Jay Z grew up in a housing project in Brooklyn, he literally used to deal drugs, and he has been shot; then, he became a one of the most famous rappers. Likewise, this Othello made a name for himself to reach fame in New York City, based on the skyline in the back. At the time of Jay Z’s wedding, Beyonce was a main stream poppy artist, who had done several R&B riffs in Jay Z’s rap songs. As far as we know, Desdemona has mainly down soulful backup singing for Othello, but she has the potential for a solo career, with such a beautiful voice. Several people in the industry accused Jay Z off going soft when he settled down; unlike Othello, Jay Z continued to succeed, but he did not have a Iago. Correspondingly, Cassio not being a ‘real’ rapper made him an easy target for Iago, for some cheesy, inexperienced pop artist was taking his chance to be famous; plus, Cassio seems unknowledgeable about the rap would because he is immensely

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