Outline Of Cyrus The Persian Empire

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The Persian Empire Thesis Statement: Because of King Cyrus the Great, the Persian Empire, one of the great superpowers of the ancient world, has lasting impact on us today. I. King Cyrus the Great (Cyrus II) was considered one of the most influential leaders in the ancient world. A. Cyrus II was known for being a very ambitious leader. He was a royal born. Before becoming King of Persia, people had considered him a very ambitious leader. B. King Cyrus rose against the Medes. He united his friends, kinsmen, and local tribes to invade the Median Empire. King Cyrus finally gained full control of the Median Empire. II. The Persian Empire became one of the largest superpowers because of its leader 's influence. A. Cyrus II became a great military leader. …show more content…

His people gained confidence, and they trusted Cyrus’ strategies. a. He defeated Lydia. b. Also, Cyrus II and his navy conquered the Babylonian Empire. B. Cambyses II, Cyrus’ II son, conquered Egypt. C. Darius I made the Persian Empire

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