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2.0 PEST analysis of organization evaluation

PEST analysis stands for Political, Economic, Social, and Technology analysis is a framework of macro-environmental factors used in the environmental scanning component of strategic management. This PEST analysis helps in determines how these factors will affect the performance and activity business in long term. This analysis can help this company to increase and improve their service. This PEST analysis is a business measurement tool that useful for market growth and very essential for strategic management (2013).

Figure 2.1 PEST analysis

As already mentioned, PEST have five
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Agency responsible for the campaign is SMIDEC, Mara and MATRADE. Establishment of this exhibition reflects the commitment and determination of the government to promote the development of SMEs in Malaysia. This will encourage SMEs to take advantage of branding to market products and services to a higher level. The campaign will help SMEs in developing and promoting brand products. If participate in the exhibition, shows SMEs are continuously to meet the demands of customers in terms of products and services provided. In the event, the campaign conducted by Izumia Oil Industries Sdn. Bhd. is not lagging behind in promoting their products. There, they will provide flyers and promote their brand A & A and D'…show more content…
Without modern technology it difficult to company competes in the market. The major objective of SME innovations was enhancement of competitiveness in the form of quality improvement, cost reduction, extension of product range and replacement of phased out products, apart from penetrating the international market. Accordingly, they have primarily focused on both product and process innovations in the auto and electronics sectors and process innovations in the machine tool sector. What is significant is that a substantial majority of the innovative SMEs could convert their innovative efforts into sales as they realized varying proportions of innovated products in their total sales. This has enabled the majority of them to achieve sales growth more than anything else. However, hardly anybody could obtain international patents and the recognitions are largely confined to winning of awards from large enterprise customers and financial institutions (Subrahmanya, 2010). Izumia Oil Industries Sdn. Bhd. using a modern technology to repackaging and rebranding the products. Information and communications technology (ICT) has a key role to play in driving innovation and competitiveness for small businesses and the IT sector itself. But equipping the labour force with the right skills and providing access to high-tech infrastructure are essential if the full potential of ICT is to be
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