PSUD Intervention Paper

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Register to read the introduction…The positive benefit of using different interventions is that there is no one solution to deal with children who suffer from PSUD. In fact, there are several evidence-based family approaches that demonstrate superiority over individual or family-based treatments (Baldwin, Christian, Berkeljon, & Shandish, 2012). According to Lander, Howare, and Bryne (2013) treating the individual without family involvement may limit the effectiveness of treatment for two main reasons: it ignores the devastating impact of PSUD on the family system leaving family members untreated, and it does not recognize the family as a potential system of support for change. In order for PSUD preventions and interventions to be practical and efficient, involvement with the entire family in relation to parenting a child is significant. Furthermore, there are several interventions that exist…show more content…
Gance-Cleveland and Mays (2008), conducted a pre and post-intervention finding a difference in coping, health outcomes, and resiliency during a 14 week, 60 minute peer group sessions for students in grades 9-12. Researchers discovered a difference in male and female student response to the intervention. Griffin and Botvin (2010) conducted a 40 minute life skills trainings as a school-based support groups. Students were categorized into three types: social resistance skills training, normative education, and competence enhancement skills training among youth in the school
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