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a) Pearl River (pianos) The Pearl River Piano company has been established in 1956 in Guangzhou as state-owned enterprise and had be granted autonomy in mid-1980s during China's economic reforms. The company is also the first piano builder in China to import foreign technologies and expatriate experts. To further penetrate foreign markets, the company has invited various expertises, upgraded its production methods and acquired foreign brands to improve the overall quality of its product in order to meet the international standard. Pearl River Piano has been China’s largest piano manufacturer and world’s second largest piano producer. The company has undergone a major transformation from a national brand to a competitive global producer and…show more content…
The second is cost recovery. If a company competing in a market where product life is short term or the market is small, skimming prices may only viable methods exist to ensure that it recovers the cost of product development. In addition, it is also beneficial to traders. If the prices of the products is high, the percentage obtained by distributors will also be high, which makes them excited to bring the product. And the last is the quality of the image. A company can use this strategy to build high-quality images for its products, but it must maintain high quality products to support the image created by the…show more content…
This is because the company intends to keep the product affordable for the socio-economic sectors of the middle and lower by maintaining a simple pricing strategy for the product in the popular and market economy. Therefore, a sale for the company is very price elastic. For a more luxurious, more popular market, the sales price is less elastic, the company plans to increase the price of a specific brand of existing and new, is further supported by image building activities to strengthen the position of their premiums and increase their profits. As the economy continues to be the global economic slowdown, the company intends to manage and coordinate the timing and magnitude of price increase for all products to sustain the growth of the company as well as the protection of the increase in the tax rate on beer and higher material costs. The company also intends to continue this segment pricing strategies to protect profitability and maintain a general trend for the industry as evidenced by the increasing market share of the Company and the level of sales increased from year to

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