Penchant For Civil Engineering

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Why does it eventually take an appalling catastrophe like Rana Plaza for us to be inquisitive about the quality and integrity of the buildings we live in? In the end of the day these structures are meant to be “shelters” that we reside, work and rest in seemingly protected from all adversities.
I will never forget the screams of the workers stuck inside that hunk of a collapsed building. The images were so raw and vivid -- the concrete slabs impaling the heart of the nation; the crumpled bodies hanging high on the ground and being ignored by the helpless rescuers who cannot reach there.

There is a construction boom going on in the country at the moment. With such spur of activities, there arises the question of quality of the materials that
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My good academic scores at school level and my penchant for science rightly guided me to take up the science stream at the pre-university level from which I drew inspiration to imbibe the true spirit of engineering. This belief and penchant for science and mathematics persuaded me civil engineering was the most pertinent career for me. Actually they continue to be the driving forces in my quest of academic excellence at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). I yearn for a degree in civil engineering not only because it is the most satisfactory way I can exercise my natural talents but also because it also gives me the chance to solve challenges directly impacting my…show more content…
My resolution for Master of Science in structural engineering or construction management is an attempt to quench my thirst of knowledge and chip in to field by positive research. From consultants of my professors and careful perusal of web-pages of university, I am persuaded that my career will be in best hands at the University of X. Not only was I attracted by its distinguished faculty, splendid laboratory facilities and high reputation but also by quality of research going on. My choice of this specialization is motivated by its multidisciplinary nature which will broaden my horizons and give me flexibility in professional practice. Those perspectives will let me have a clearer idea about the limitations of my own country and possible improvements that we can make. So far my undergraduate program in civil engineering has equipped me with a solid academic foundation. In addition to that, English proficiency, plus my strong motivation, those are two major factors that will ensure my success in my proposed program.

As Bangladesh’s economic evolution gathers increasing momentum, a new wave of enormous construction will hit the nation in the near future as urbanization has become a national policy. This situation creates a great opportunity for the emerging generation of civil engineers. To embrace this chance, I need to
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