Penn State University Admission Essay

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My reason to attend Penn State University, Abington, in the fall of 2016 was based on the opportunity that was given to me to explore the area around Philadelphia and to transfer to Penn State University, University Park, within the next two years. Even though I stressed about studying SAT and ACT, writing college admission essays, and balancing my school work at the same time, I was not excited about going to a college as much as my peers and friends were. For me, college was simply an extension of a high school, and it is something I regret and wish to change. I wish I was excited about going to a college, brainstorming creative ideas for my essay to be liked by college administrators and crying for joy that I am going somewhere where I can pursue my dream. Unfortunately, I did not even know what I …show more content…

I was good, not typically great. I never won a race, never finished race as a first place, and I always doubted myself whether to continue running. However, when I think back, I think I was great. My hurdle coach once told me that she sees my potential to go to state. Back then, I took it as a white lie, something she would say to push me to run faster, to be motivated. Maybe it was not a white lie at all. Maybe she did believe that I could go to state. Maybe she did believe that I was great. I sometimes think back and imagine what if I put everything I had, on running. What if after receiving the runner of the year award in my sophomore year, I ran for my life? What if I convinced myself that running is what I should do for my career? Indeed, I did not have to win the race, finish the race as a first place to be great. Being the best or first does not necessarily define anyone’s potential. However, I did not know back then, and I ruined my potential with the endless doubts that I carried around. This is another thing I regret and wish to

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