Perfection Of A Dystopian Society

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Perfection in a Society
The term “dystopia” derives directly from the word utopian, which first was first noted to have appeared in the year 1516 in Thomas Mores well-known work Utopia (Xiaolan). The word utopia itself refers to a society that is typically set in a distant future and is implied to be the ideal or perfect world for all people in the world to live in. (Xiaolan) On the other hand, the word dystopia is said to be the opposite of utopian, meaning that while it’s still set in a distant future, it is the darker version of society that has begun to crumble at the seams due to the strict regulation of the world. In dystopian novels a society typically originates as a utopian society, with ideas and implications of making the world perfect for all people living, even if that means taking away basic human needs to accomplish their overall goal. However, in dystopian novels while the world may start out as a utopian society, this genre of literature is typically categories by the main character(s) having a sort of realization as to how wrong the world is around them and that perfect is not a world they want to live in for some reason or another. Over the years, many authors have attempted to paint the picture of this type of society in their works, demonstrating time and time again why utopian societies and their restrictions cannot exist in a world. With this being said, perfection is not a concept that can ever be obtained in a world due to the contrasting
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