Perm Ban Case Study

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Explain some cases in which you would perm-ban/temp-ban people: Hacking: Using a modified version of the game. If I catch any player(s) hacking I will do ./tempban (Player) [48 hours Holding ban] And show video proof to high staff members so they can make the final choice. Advertising: Advertising another server ip in pm or public chat. If I happen to catch a player in the acts of advertising another server I will do ./mute (Player) [15 Mins] and screenshot the proof and send the screenshot to higher staff to make the final choice. Staff disrespect: Disrespecting members of the staff team saying stuff along the lines of "You suck at your job faggot" or "You deserve to get demoted" If I see any staff member getting disrespected I will be on that faster then ever. I will ./warn (player) then if they do it again after I warn them I will do ./mute …show more content…

If I catch a player trying to start server drama I will contact higher staff and then ./warn the player for "server drama" then if it continues I will ./mute them for 10-15 mins (depending on what they are saying). Mute Evading: somehow finding a way to bypass the mute and continue to speak in chat. If I catch a player doing this I will screenshot it and send the screenshot to higher staff and make sure the player(s) are punished. Spam: Saying something annoying over and over in chat. If I catch any player in the acts of doing this I will ./warn them and if they proceed to keep spamming they will receive a mute for 5 mins. If it keeps going I will contact higher staff. Staff Impersonation: A player trying to be a staff member. I will first screenshot the proof and send it to higher staff then temp mute the player(s) until higher staff can get to it to help. Leaking Staff Information: leaking staffs skypes,addresses,phone numbers, etc.... I will screenshot the staff the persob who is leaking the information and then contact higher trusted

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