Permisive And Permissive Parenting Styles

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There are many different types of parenting styles that are being taught to children today. The two most common parenting styles there is, is permissive parenting and authoritative parenting. It has been argued that one of these parenting styles is considered better than the other, but there is no proof so that may or may not be the case. Besides that, permissive parenting and authoritative parenting are both the ideal style of parenting, but there are some ways we can state that they are similar or different from each other. Although permissive and authoritative are the two main parenting styles presented here, they both have different meanings. Permissive parenting is the “natural desire to show love for your children,” as Verial states.…show more content…
The one main difference between the two parenting styles is that the authoritative parents are more firm with their child, while as, the permissive parents are not strict at all and do not want to overwhelm the children with too many rules. Unlike permissive parents, authoritative parents enforce rules on their children. They want their children to know that there are certain limits to things you can or cannot do. Permissive parents would usually give in to their child, they have a hard time saying no, and the child usually ends up getting whatever he or she wants. Authoritative parents do not give in, instead they reason. It is like a give-or- take kind of deal. For example, you can only eat candy if you behave yourself at the party. Permissive parents are not demanding at all. Their children have less responsibility which makes them hard to handle in the future. While as authoritative parents expect their child to be on their best and most responsible behavior. They would often teach their children the consequences of good and bad behavior. Permissive parents do not reason out or try to manipulate their children much because they do not want to over extent their power. They fear as if they use to much power on their child, the child would end up hating them so they just do whatever the child want. Authoritative parents has a teaching style balance of freedom and responsibility. They do not want their child to run amuck so they teach their children to know from what is right and wrong, which can allow their child a certain right of freedom. Authoritative parents encourage independence in their children but to also maintain maturity and respect to others around them. Permissive parents do not really teach their children what adult-like behaviors are in public, they expect their child to regulate their own behavior
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