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I feel it is important to give some background and self-discloser to my past so that it may give more clarity to how I was coping or managing my life. It may also show why and how these events in my life affected my being and thinking.
I was born in a large town of Istanbul called Eyup in 1968. I was always quite popular with my friends and liked by their parents as a well-behaved child. When I was about eight years of age, my sister - one year younger than me - passed away. It was due to the wrong prescription of medication to her mizzles. We were very close and as an older brother, I was very protective of her. Needleless to say it affected our family deeply and none of us really got over it fully.
During my childhood and into
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I was also aware that I needed to keep in check, talk to my personal counsellor and the help of my tutor’s feedbacks, I had to make sure it is improving, developing and evolving in a healthy manner without being polluted with past learned behaviours. The only difference now is that I can face these with much ease and allow myself to celebrate my successes and have a healthy criticism of my shortcomings with growing self-acceptance. We had three assignments handed up until now and each assignment made me look my past and my present with little more objectivity and with the help of new things that we have been learning. Using some of the paradigms, theories and systems that have been used in Psychotherapy and Counselling I started to have a better understanding and more objective view of human behaviour in dealing with different issues in our day to day life, particularly what they meant in the course of my life. I found that it is incredible how our mind works and how it tries to find ways to adjust to its environment. From a scientific point of you how our brain can release different chemicals to different organs in the time of stress, anxiety, fear and also happiness. How our conscious and subconscious mind can alter, modify and adjust to create different coping mechanisms within our body. I come…show more content…
This gives me the freedom to act as I am without trying to find masks to put on in different circumstances. My understanding is that, more open I am about my life the more freedom that I could feel. Of course, there are things that we cannot talk about to others. Some of it open only to our partners (our wife or husband), some only to friends and some only to our work environment BUT some we only keep to ourselves. I am most comfortable in this area and have been trying to grow Open Self. This area also the riskiest. More people knows about me, the more I am exposed to miss-judgment and criticism based on their mindset. I can say that I am more open now and this is due to have worked on personal self-development for many years and felt the importance of being honest both inside and outside when I am presenting myself to the
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