Personal Career Assessment: The 16PF Personality Test

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Overview The 16PF Questionnaire is a set of 16 primary personality factors to categorise the overall personality of an individual, that is the soft skills. Historically, the 16PF Personality Test is a popular and well-known psychometric personality testing tool at the workplace setting in the area of employment, promotion, coaching, and career progression. Features In general, the 16PF Questionnaire consists hundreds of multiple-choice questions, at the end of which, the algorithm defines the measure of each of the 16 personality factors in consideration of the soft skills requirements. To answer each question, the test taker has to choose a right answer on a 5-point scale. Subsequently, the test assesses the responses to gauge if a person…show more content…
In addtion, the 16PF testing tool is capable of profiling the 7 general career areas based on test taker’s personality by providing a Personal Career Profile report apart from identifying test taker’s soft skills or personality traits. Pros ● A comprehensive preparation tool for job-seeker’s career employment. ● The package offers a Personalised Feedback Report of test taker’s personality-based strength and weaknesses customises to the job level which is a good point of reference to support CV credibility. ● The Personalised Feedback Report is suitable for matching job seeker’s personality traits to employer’s job description and soft skills requirements to identify person-job fit purposes. Cons ● There is no solution to improve upon certain personality factors as personality is a permanent character of an individual. ● The 16PF test results scores match for each job level such as executive or manager or for each role such as analyst or producer of a profession, hence a need to take the 16PF test in the area of promotion or career progression. Bottom…show more content…
It provides a wholesome approach towards tackling questions oriented towards eliciting specific answers in order for the employment panel to gauge certain actions and behaviour. Furthermore, LiveCareer provides detailed analysis, employment tackling strategies and a step-by-step process to prepare for behavioural interviews Q&A. Features Behavioural questions focus on candidate’s behaviour, ability, skill sets and job knowledge. They tend to seek answers to situational scenarios of past work experiences, behavioural and achievements. The employment panel is more likely to evoke a question that requires candidate demonstrating necessary skill sets he or she possesses needed for the job description and requirements. LiveCareer’s web portal is inclined towards offering its customers with the best strategies to tackle behavioural interview Q&A. Interview Q&A is targeted towards eliciting specific detail response to analyse candidate’s actions and behaviour at the past and future work environments.

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