Personal Narrative: A Career As A Dignified Surgeon

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The crowd cheered as Elizabeth went up to spike the ball. In the back row, I was not expected to receive such hard hit. I managed to save the ball. Somehow the ball made its way back to Elizabeth, I trembled, she went up again, locked her eyes and gave the ball a hard smack. It came like a bullet towards my feet, I knelt down to dig but it was too late. The whistle blew, the referee signaled to award a point to the opposing team. The score was 15-25, first set was completed. My eighth grade volleyball coach asked if I was ready to get back in the second set; I hesitated. I knew my skill was no match for the other team but I had to decide: remain on the sideline to settle my pounding heart or get back onto the court to play the game I love. Although result of that day was a disappointment, I was not regret for the outcome since I had chosen the latter option. Despite the defeats and setbacks, I chose to face the obstacle, and in return, I received a satisfying feeling of accomplishment. With these endurances, I hope to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a dignified surgeon. Over the years of being a diligent student and bilingual daughter, I have learned to balance between the responsibilities of school works, volunteering obligations, and burdens at home. In spite of challenges of working with disabled …show more content…

My father grew up in Vietnam, where resources are insufficient and health cares are neglected; therefore, having access to medications has misled him into thinking any illness can be treated with medicine. As I translate to my father the pros and cons in taking medicine, I felt great pleasure knowing that I have left an impact on my very own patient through the information I delivered. My eagerness of wanting to replicate the gratifying feeling enhances me to work harder towards becoming a

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