Personal Narrative: A Career In High School Sports

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Ever since middle school sports have always been an interest of mine. When choosing my high school the sports that were offered was one of the many things that I took into consideration. I signed up for cheer during high school orientation. At the first practice, It was a new experience for majority of the girls; we had no prior experience. As time went on, our skills increased. However, we started taking tumbling classes. I couldn 't do it. That 's when the doubts in my ability began. I embodied the fixed mindset perfectly. Dweck said “ Your ability is on the line. Can you feel everyone 's eyes on you? Can you see the instructor 's face evaluating you? Feel the tension, feel your ego bristle and waver”. I stopped being eager to learn new things , I stopped showing up and dressing for practice, and I also came up with excuses to not cheer publicly. I stayed …show more content…

The times where i quit showed me that I preferred the easy way out. I couldn 't grow mentally without A challenge. When it came to something i 've never done before, my confidence dropped extremely fast and i’d mentally shut down because i didn 't want to embarrass myself. Through all the times where my mindset was fixed, I was able to grow in different areas: My public speaking and confidence in academics. I made a lot more friends who took my out of my comfort zone in a different way. Even though I gave up a lot on sports, I was able to bring my attention to other things I found enjoyable. I joined student government, so I could voice my opinion and makes thing happen.I joined Academic bowl to broaden my knowledge. I joined student ambassadors to strengthen my organizational and planning skills . I haven 't tried another sport officially ,but i did play tennis for fun recently. Im delighted to say my previous fixed mindset was nowhere in sight. Dweck said “ Nothing ventured, Nothing gained” I’ll keep that in mind if giving up ever crosses my mind. You can 't grow as a person if you never face

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