Personal Narrative: A Career In The Medical Field

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I braced against my opponent on the field-- calves burning, sweat soaking through my hair. Anxiety overcame me. We were tied with twenty seconds left on clock, and the opponent was sprinting beside me with the ball. As we both charged towards the goal, I tried my best to knock the ball out of his mesh. Yet, my attempts proved to be fruitless. As I watched the ball soar into our goal, I was overwhelmed with dejection. I had failed. Even though my team only lost by a point, I was inconsolable, sitting on the bench as the coach approached. He knelt down, and said, “Do not take this single loss as a sign of failure. You succeeded in giving the opponents a tough game.” From that day on, I realized that every mistake, every loss, prepares me for my life outside of high school. Every time I do not reach my goal, I take it as a lesson learned, or as a practice trial during which I learn to get better. As college application deadlines approach, many of my peers are forced by their parents’ expectations to enter into a specific field in the collegiate world, be it one as rigorous as the medical field, or one as autonomous as an art major. Those of my peers who did not pick their careers do not look ecstatic; they are clearly still restrained and controlled by the need to please …show more content…

As an adult, I have the opportunity to explore realms far beyond the boundaries of the classroom, without the baggage of standardized testing and busy work. As an adult, I am fortunate to have a multitude of available options; each of which will shape the outcome of my future. I think that this power-- to recognize complexity and make wise decisions-- is what makes an adult, an adult. Adults bask in freedom of speech, freedom of choice, and freedom to pursue happiness, in whatever form best suits each

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