Personal Narrative: A Place In Anacortes

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Growing up in a small town such as Anacortes has helped me discover how much I adore the peacefulness and beauty of a small seaside town. I’ve lived in Anacortes my whole life and I’m incredibly thankful to live in a place where I can always see the ocean and be surrounded by lush green forestland. One of my favorite activities to do in Anacortes is to go on long car rides around the town and explore the things it has to offer such as its multitude of rocky and sandy beaches, hidden lakes where there’s always human activity, the deep and lush forestland that surrounds us and the rocky bluffs traced with hiking trails that overlook unimaginable scenic views. At night there are two main spots in Anacortes that overlook the town where individuals have the opportunity to see the town…show more content…
Altogether there is a quiet peacefulness that lays over the city that when the sun sets you 're simply alone in the best way. It’s just you and the stars and whispering of trees as they dance in the chilly saltwater breeze. Those clear nights when I look out my window at the ocean and see the reflection of the moon dance across the surface are blissful. During the day the town is equally as beautiful whether it be sunny, cloudy or rainy. My love of small towns has grown from living my whole life here. I was raised in Anacortes and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. My childhood memories and growing up will always stay with me and I’m thankful for being raised in this special little town. I am fortunate enough to live somewhere I’m extremely close to my family. My parents, grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins and collection of close friends that I consider family. Thinking about my future I can’t imagine ever leaving my little town. I know that if I do leave someday I’ll end up right back here. The beautiful scenery and people here have won me over and in the end, the blue ocean of Anacortes will always pull me back

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