Personal Narrative: A Trip To Atlanta

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One day in July, my Aunt Beeh asked me and my sister Tiffany if we could pick up her daughters’ from their dads’ house in Atlanta. We both knew that our mom wouldn’t have a problem with us taking a day trip to Atlanta. However we knew our dad would say no. Our mom just told us “Just tell him you’re going halfway to pick them up.” And that’s exactly what we did. After we got his approval we left for Atlanta the next morning. We arrived at my cousin’s dad’s house around noon and a few hours later we decided to head back home. But we made a few stops at an Asian market, a bubble tea shop, and a bakery to bring back. As soon as we hit South Carolina the car starts to slow down. Every time my sister stepped on the gas the highest it would go was forty miles per hour. …show more content…

Not to mention it was blazing hot that day. My cousins were in the back seat panicking “Are we going to die?” “Is this a 911 emergency?” “Is the car going to explode?” “EVERYONE GET OUT OF THE CAR IT’S GOING TO EXPLODE!” and to every one of those questions and comments I said “shut up.” I called my mom to tell us what happened to us. She literally gave me instructions to things we already did. She finally told my dad we broke down on the side of the rode at the end of South

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