Personal Narrative Analysis

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Growing up, I was always happy. Even though I wasn’t the prettiest girl in school or the skinniest I was so content with my two buck front teeth and uneven pigtails. I searched for the good in every situation and never felt the need to dwell on the bad. I laughed every chance I got and admired my smile the second I got a glimpse of it in any mirror. Then one day it all changed. I had someone whom I once thought was a friend abandon me because he was embarrassed at the fact that people thought him and myself were an item. In a way I felt he stopped talking to me because of his own insecurities, he had a journal that he would write his feelings in and one day he left it behind in class, unfortunately some kids got ahold of it and began to make fun of him and call him names. The next thing I know, he was taking his frustrations out on me and told everyone not to be my friend. From that point on I was often teased about the little things apart of me and although I was raised to have tough skin the things people would say and the way they would act towards me began to hurt. I became so self-aware …show more content…

I always knew I was special and that I had an important task at hand I just wanted someone else to see and know it too. At one point I felt I had lost everything: my friend who passed away within the first month of my ninth grade year, my connection to God, and my talent. Nothing was going the way I planned; I was angry and I wanted to give up. I was now in a new school filled with people who all wanted to do the same thing as me (sing) and every day I was reminded as to why I wasn’t good enough. I tried to do as others did: look the way they did, sing the way they did, but I couldn’t and then I realized that that wasn’t the right way to go about it. I needed to recognize what was wrong and come to terms with it

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