Personal Narrative-Assisted Suicide Essay

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On February 21st, 2055 a new law came into place in the state of California, anyone who is critically ill and wishes to live no longer, may receive assisted suicide. The state glowed for those that wanted to end their life as they were in agony, family members and loved ones will see the terminally ill bliss in peace no longer in pain. It was a change that had both sides arguing, why take your life away, that’s being selfish while others argued it takes the misery away, why stay alive when you are deteriorating slowly and painfully.
Sirens racing down to the central hospital in Los Angeles. An ambulance dropping the ill and injured at the emergency wheeling them through the bright lighted hospital doors. The whole emergency room, a circus of crowded people, the noise of peeping monitors,, doctors and nursing running to patients, family members yelling to one …show more content…

Ruby knew she was going to die sooner or later, at stage 4 of leukemia, her life, already a ticking bomb, with the accident, it made it more clear for her that it was her time to go. She truly wished she had died in the car accident although, she would feel guilty not saying goodbye to her brother and parents, as though this was her chance to say goodbye. Jack refused to listen to Ruby as she confessed she no longer wanted to live. He felt she was being selfish and was simply giving up. Jack left the room to clear out his cloudy mind and to properly think about the whole situation. Jack understood where Ruby was coming from, but he couldn 't get the idea her being gone. Doing assisted suicide would mean her physical and inner suffering would disappear, she would no longer live in guilt as Ruby always feels she is a burden on the family, which is not the case. However, as wrong as it is to do assisted suicide, take someone else 's life, Jack understood Ruby would finally be at peace and happy, it is what she wants done and no one should argue that, as she is terminally ill and has the choice to

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