Personal Narrative: Becoming A Nurse

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Its another regular Monday morning, off goes my alarm, time for work. Picking out a cartoon themed shirt took up most of my morning, Tinker Bell it is. I check the time 7:30 on the dot, time for work! I grab a sweater, bags and car keys heading out the door. I head for Dunkin Donuts awaiting my daily coffee coolatta and Boston cream donut.” It 's hot out today” i mumbled to myself as i rolled down the windows letting some fresh air in. I 'm heading to the Jamaica Plain Health Center. I check the time 7:55, “ I 'm almost there” I mumble to myself. I park my car in the parking lot, grab my things and make my way inside. I greet my coworkers and ready myself for the busy day. I grab the first clipboard with a patient 's information. i …show more content…

I had to stay an extra month because i had symptoms of meningitis. All the nurses treated me like I was their own. My mom always told me that those nurses were always holding me and putting bows in the little hair I had. After this story, my appointments were always filled with questions about becoming a nurse. As I got older the questions always got more about college and less about curiosity. I remember a particular nurse that made me realize this is what i wanted, that I wanted to be a nurse. I was at my regular check up, it was time for me to get my vaccinations. My regular nurse wasn 't able to give me them so they had another nurse give me them instead. The only problem was my regular nurse knew i would start crying if she wasn 't …show more content…

The whole cost of attending the University of Massachusetts is 12,682. The scholarships the university are the Boston City Scholarship. Provides 1,000 renewable with a 3.0 GPA. Dean 's’ scholarship, which provides 7,500 renewable with a sustained 3.0 GPA. Chancellor 's scholarship, which provides full tuition and fees renewable with a sustained 3.2 GPA. The University of Massachusetts- Boston has an 85% acceptance rate.
Another thing that needs to with is the finances of being a Registered nurse. The job openings i could fill in the future. A Registered nurse has a yearly salary of 81,380. The amount of registered nurses employed in massachusetts is large. There are actually 78,750 registered nurses employed in massachusetts. The annual job openings in this state for upcoming registered nurses is actually high. There are 2,983 job openings. The growth of the industry in ten years involving, registered nurses is fast at 18.5%.
There are many desirable skill a registered nurse needs to have. For example, a registered nurse needs to know how to listen to others and ask questions. They also need to notice when something is wrong or is going to go wrong. They also need to know how manage themselves with others. Registered nurses need to compare letters, numbers, objects, pictures, and patterns. Registered nurses needs to be able to work with others and be able

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