Personal Narrative: Big Five Inventory (BFI)

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When I took this Big Five Inventory (BFI) I learned some things about myself that I did not know. I scored a 20 in extraversion, 24 in agreeableness, 19 in conscientiousness, 25 in neuroticism, and 27 in openness. I took the test before I read the book so I had no idea what these numbers meant. As I read the book, I then started to understand and agreed with the scores that I received. From the different personality tests that I have taken in the past, I know that I am an introvert. So, the score of 20 I thought was too high, but from the book it says that an extravert is sociable, fun-loving, and affectionate. I am these things but just around the people I feel comfortable around, such as family and close friends. This is most evident in church because that is where most of my family and close friends gather. I am comfortable around them, and I also try to get out of my comfort zone once in a while. This score makes sense, but only during certain times. The book says that agreeableness is soft-hearted, trusting, and helpful. On the flip side, it says ruthless, suspicious, and uncooperative. I agree with the 24 that I scored for agreeableness this time in my life. However, if I got this score last semester I would not agree with it. In the beginning of this semester my boss treated me horribly and I lost my trust in him and most of my old coworkers. …show more content…

I 100% agree with the score of 19 that I received for this. I am not organized at all. In my room, my bed is never made and I have all my clean clothes stuffed into my drawers. I also am not as disciplined in spiritual life as much as I would like to be. I want and need to be more disciplined in reading my bible. If I am more disciplined in this area of my life, it would have helped me be more wise and careful in certain situations of my life. There are many times in my life if I was just a bit more careful, I would have not ended up hurting myself and

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