Personal Narrative: Changing The Lives Of African-Americans

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March On Yelling, screaming, blood, that 's the first thing I remember. A punch to my face, I went down, all I could see was blood as I became one of the 17 hospitalized that day. Yelling, screaming, blood. The day of March 7, 1965 the day I went down in history, the day that what I did mattered. I had a strong desire to change the lives of all African-Americans in my community and all over the world and that 's just what I did. I was determined to get people to realize that people shouldn’t be attached to a race that they are just part of the human race. The march, it was sunday morning the day Martin Luther King and I decided to meet on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Along with 600 other African-Americans. Our goal was to march from Selma

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