Narrative Essay On Double Birthdays

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When you turn double digits it 's a big deal,because then you 're just one silly old fashion 1 digit number. I remember having the best birthday ever I had just turned ten,and it was a big deal to me,the first number when you turn double digits,TEN!!! My parents had woken me up and wished me a happy birthday,my mom had been planning this party for months making every detail perfect. I would be having a cooking birthday!!! I know cooking birthdays are unusual when you turn ten,but for about five-six years I have wanted to be a chef. I also loved cooking and baking,so my mom rented the kitchen in the downtown market and My friends and I would be able to make cupcakes,mini pizzas, and our own sauce and pasta,while being instructed…show more content…
When everyone had finished their delicious pizzas,it was time to get started on the cupcakes. I was excited about this part in particular because I loved baking.When we started mixing the batter there was spills left and right!!!! We had made such a mess,that unfortunately we would be cleaning up.When everyone had put the ingredients in their batter we put the cupcakes in the oven,and watched intently watching it grow fatter and taller. It took about fifteen minutes for it to be done and by then everyone 's stomach had settled from the delicious pizzas. Everyone had pulled out the sprinkles and frosting.My had a nature theme with flowers and blue frosting the represent rivers,in my eyes it was magnificent the time and effort I had put into was unbelievable,by the time I was done it felt as thoe My hands would just stop working automatically.When we had all had our fill it was time to bring out the cake.When my brought it out of the freezer I realized that I had some really amazing parents as my mom lit the candles on my cake,I could not think of anything to wish for,so instead I grabbed my brother and we both blew out the
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