Personal Narrative Essay: I Have Been Hooked

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I am not a fish, but i’ve been Hooked. It all began in a remote town in the city of Mexico. Where one of the major problems there was poverty people did everything they could to earn any money possible so that they can sustain their family, and my family was one of them. And another major problem was the Cartels, poverty was so bad that people had no other choice but to get into it because it was one of the things they could earn fast and enough money for their family. I was fifteen years old when my uncle Jose got me into the drug “business” which was the one that supplied one of the dominant Cartel in the town. I did not continue to go to school and most could not too because we could not afford it, so we had no other choice but to get into it to survive. I had three brothers, Brian the oldest one and Michael and Gloria the youngest. But one day my brother Brian got killed by the police in a shootout trying to escape from them but he did not run with luck. It was a very sad day for us, but that was the everyday life of us and the whole town, you just gotta keep the death concept in mind every second. One day you might be here and the other not. Life is just hell here , you cannot even sleep at night because all you hear…show more content…
But what we did not know is that they were members of the rival cartel called Cartel De Sinaloa and that one of them was the son of an important member and that is when we notice we have messed up. They were known for their brutality and mass assassinations. We freaked out when we found out and asked ourselves what to do because we knew they would come for vengeance. Without any notice, the next day 6 people were found dead chopped into pieces in plastic bags with a letter saying “Esto es por nuestra gente y esto es apenas el empiezo” or “ This is for our people and this is just the

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