Personal Narrative Essay: The Mann Lake Adventure

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It was a cold crisp morning, the sun climbed the tree tops and showed it’s beautiful colors. The water shimmered and shined just like a glass mirror sitting in the hot summer sun. The birds chirped out songs, every note was perfect and in tune. The water bugs danced on the water, they almost looked like figure skaters as they twisted and made sharp turns. An eagle flew by searching for food as her young chicks cried, they were hungry. The loon called for her mate to come help her catch some fish, as her young loon swam close behind her for protection. We sat in the boat gazing at all of the wildlife and beautiful rays of the sun as it rose above the treetops.’’ I know it will be a good day on the lake’’ grandpa said.
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I wiped off my hands and put on extra pair of gloves in the glove cabinet on the boat, the sensation of heat poured into my hands, it felt so good! We had to go back to our cabin because it was lunch time. It the best fishing trip I had ever had with my grandfather. The day of the Mann Lake Adventure was a family record. As a result “we hauled in 8 northerns this morning”. I will remember the last northern I caught the most because I had a ton of pain in my back from the constant pressure of the 29 inch northern. Since we were done fishing we went back to the cabin and my mom and my grandma had prepared grilled chicken salads for lunch. The smell of freshly grilled chicken made my mouth water. Every bite was a tasty sensation. A morning out on the lake fishing can bring on a mighty hunger. The next day we had to pack up and head back home. As we drove out of the driveway of the cabin, I was sad because we had to leave the place I have loved since I was a little boy. As the sun sets I dreamed of returning to Mann Lake for another adventure with my

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