A Narrative Essay About My Short Story

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It was 2008. I was 14 years old. It was my first year in high school. That year was one of the most challenging before going to university. I met lots of interesting people and hopefully made new friends. I experienced wonderful episodes of my life, but unfortunately, I came across with an incident I wish I hadn’t been involved. The most traumatic event that no one would like to deal with.
It was 8.15 PM. The school’s bell rang. It indicated that was time to go home. I started wiping off my table and storing my stuff in my bag. I was ready, so I approached Thalia to help her with packing her things. She was as slow as molasses, so she needed help. Another friend of mine, Carolina, was also lending a hand to her. I don’t know exactly what I was thinking but I decided to play a joke on Thalia. I picked up her mobile phone and I put it straight in my pocket. She didn’t notice what I did, so the three of us got out of the school, and started walking to the bus stop. Every evening we walked together until Plaza de la Independencia. The school was two blocks apart from the square, so it was a very short distance to walk, and the bus stop was immediately next to it. Nothing could go wrong.
That evening was freezing cold and very damp, because the day before, it had been raining cats and dogs. We just had walked one block when I asked Thalia what time was
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We entered into the school inspector’s office and we talked about the incident with him. When we finished, he pointed out that it was too late to call the police and to carry out an investigation. He promised that the school will contact the police to make rounds after class. The inspector gave Carolina and I a day off, in order to get better and recover from the serious incident that had occurred. I promised to Thalia’s mother and Carolina not to play a joke on them again, and to go home immediately after the school’s bell
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