Personal Narrative: Gracie

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Gracie is my calico cat who brings joy into my quiet solitude lifestyle. Gracie has a very swift snow white tail with a curve. She is so quick to swat with her tail to let you know she is aware of you in the room. I believe her tail was broken at birth. Her skinny long legs and no claw paws are white as milk. Gracie is mostly white with patches of color. Her body is where she has several spots of color. Her back is where some of her spots are graylack and the other spots are orangeyellow. Gracie has soft, beautiful white fur throughout her body and on the top her head. On her face, she has patches of color that makes her look like she is wearing a mask around her nose, eyes and ears. My cat has beautiful bright green eyes. Her eyes are so bright that you are able to see them in the night with no lights…show more content…
Gracie is not only a beautiful animal to see she is also very fluffy to touch. Gracie enjoys being massaged, petted and scratched. Her short hair feels as soft as cotton. When Gracie rubs the skin of my legs it feels like I am being touched by soft warm flannel sheets. As Gracie rubs my legs, she will make an endearing purring sound. Whenever Gracie is feeling loved she lets us know with a soft vibration sound known as purring. When the bowl of food is empty and Gracie is very hungry. She will meow very loudly until she is fed. If I disturb her in her sleep, she will growl at me. I know when Gracie has been scared outside for I will hear hissing and squealing. The majority of the time she is a very peaceful cat. She is so silent you can hear a pin drop when she is coming into a room. She likes to not be noticed when she comes into a room. Her quietness is similar to my serenity, private life that I have happiness with
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