Personal Narrative: Growing Up In The Urban Community

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Growing up in an urban community and being in the military has shaped me in many ways. My experience in the urban community allowed me to understand that I do not have to be a product of my surroundings. With dedication and hard work I can rise above it all and make any of my dreams come true. Being in the Army has taught me to be mentally tough no matter the situation. The amount of stress that we are placed under on a daily basis would drive a normal human to their breaking point. With my understating to not let my surroundings define me, my military bearing, and the support of my family I will always strive for excellence in everything that I do.
Shortly after beginning my education, my financial constraints quickly became noticeable. With no financial assistance from my family, realizing my goal has become more difficult. Since living on my own and being required to manage my finances on a day to day basis, it has become apparent that I am in need of financial assistance in order to complete my education goals. It is becoming more difficult to complete my degree
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The purpose of this program is to get single soldiers involved and active within the community. As part of this organization, I was able to participate in many of the volunteer opportunities within the community. For instance, I was able to volunteer at a local elementary school for field day and story time events throughout 2014 before I deployed. Other events afforded me the opportunity to volunteer to feed the homeless during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Once deployed, I quickly signed up as a volunteer for the USO to assist my fellow soldiers with adjusting to their new environment. Duties ranged from organizing events, boosting moral, and assisting with sending communications home. Currently I offer my time to community projects that focus on cleaning up the surrounding neighborhoods and mentoring the
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