Personal Narrative: Hi Journey

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Hi Journey Group! If you know me at all, you absolutely know that I crave new experiences and love to share them. This year, I have begun new adventures… from beginning a new job, to becoming the first African-American female Publisher in Charlotte, to fulfilling a life-long dream of writing and publishing a book. We all have connected at different points in my life, and by far, this is the most exciting time for me that I’ve had in a very long time. As you should know by now, I began this latest adventure in my life with a group of wonderful teenagers who are apart of PFO. Playing for Others (PFO) provides a space for teens to explore and answer the questions, “Who Am I?” and “How will I give of that?” through programming in Personal Development,…show more content…
Due to a praying mother, friends that would not allow me to close myself off to the world, and something inside that whispered “keep pushing”, I have arrived here… in this space that I am in today. It took a lot of hard work. Cognitive therapy sessions, returning to my foundation of faith, and acceptance of my “new normal” were all a part of my wellness plan. In the end, I couldn’t return to my job of 17 years because it required travel that my physician has not yet cleared me for. Instead of allowing this to consume me, I relied on my skill set, and through networking at a social event, was presented with an opportunity to own a company that has a direct impact on the community that I love and serve in. Immediately following the announcement of my Publisher position, the mayor issued a proclamation naming the month of June after my company, Visit Gay Charlotte. In that moment, I was so proud. To know that not so long ago, I couldn’t even write a complete sentence, but now I have a staff of adults who work with me and look to me for editing and artistic direction. Almost simultaneously, I began a position for a job working for a non-profit that I have previously volunteered for. It’s a job that I am passionate about, and it is a stretch of my skill set on many different levels having to deal so closely with spreadsheets and financials. I see the impact of my work immediately, and that is very
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