Personal Narrative: Hills Like White Elephants

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When it comes to analyzing works of various genres, I have never done it quite as much as I have done in this class. I never really did analysis like we did in Humanities 140 in any other English class I have had thus far. Albeit, I have only had one English class that was taken all the way back in 2012. So after not doing anything related to deeply analyzing works for such a long time was very refreshing. I know we analyzed many different things from architecture to drama to dancing, but I cannot say that I enjoyed every little thing that we as a class analyzed. What I can say though that the subject I enjoyed the most was when we analyzed those four pieces of literature. Even out of those four though I did not exactly enjoy every single one. The one I enjoyed the most had to have been “Hills Like White Elephants”. The ending was so open ended that it aloud the reader to be a little bit creative and come up with their own ending. I love when a story lets me spice it up with my own interpretation of what happened. I loved going over this piece in class, when we got to the part where the woman had to ask if her companion actually does lover her, the feeling of realizing “ooh, he is in for it now” popped in and it made the story all the more pleasurable. An added bonus to having read…show more content…
The setting is very open ended so you do not really know why the parents of the children are at the motel that they are at so it is open to interpretation. So depending on what you think the parents are doing there, the situation you come up with may evoke different feelings and emotions from you. My interpretation is that the parents are there because of prostitution thus having to leave the children out in their cars while they do their business. With that idea in mind it would definitely make you feel sorry for the children since they are being neglected like this for something that they have no control
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