Personal Narrative: Homeless Woman

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It all started on a Saturday in the spring of 2016, April 30th. My best friend Hollie and I were walking down main-street in Sarasota, Florida when we saw this woman walking around begging for money from everybody she ran into—or should I say, “chased down.” This woman wasn’t polite. She was pushy as ever. It was hilarious. I wish I could describe the way she walked right up behind people’s backs; following them across streets, begging them for some money or food or whatever she could get from them. She was relentless and wouldn’t give up. You could tell she had done this for a while and had lost all sense of shame and concern for the people she was asking. She wasn’t worried about what they would think of her. She didn’t care if she was pressuring …show more content…

One of the women spoke out, “This woman has been here for years,” and as if that wasn 't enough, with the most terrible tone added, “I recognize her stench.” Even as I write such a statement it’s making me cringe. How could anyone even force those kinds of words out of their mouth? “I recognize her stench.” Wow. Did she really expect a drug-addicted, homeless woman to smell any differently? Did she really have no compassion? About thirty minutes later, the woman approached me and Hollie, asking us for money or food or anything we could give her. She was desperate. I told her I could definitely buy her some food and she didn’t hesitate at all to state her order. She wanted a Java Chip Frap and a brownie from Starbucks. So, we started to walk there. On our way, I asked her what her name was, to which she replied “Laura.” I began to ask Laura questions about her order to make sure it was …show more content…

Thinking I was going to mess it up, she pointed to Hollie and said, “This girl knows what I’m talking about. Let her do the talking and you do the paying.” I giggled. She began to ask if I had a credit card and if I could go to the ATM to get twenty dollars out for her to sleep at Salvation Army that night. I knew I had my parent’s credit card and I knew I didn’t want to steal their money so that is what I told her. She assured me that my parents, that she didn’t know at all, would have definitely helped her and would have no problem with me taking the money out of their account. But in all honesty, I did have cash and I did have my credit card along with my parents, but I knew this woman was on drugs and I was worried that I 'd be the person to enable her to buy more. I wish I could’ve been so sure that it would give her shelter that night. When we arrived at Starbucks the first thing that came out of her mouth was, “Do not tell them it’s for me. They will call the cops. I am not allowed here at all, so don’t act suspicious.” I laughed and gave her my word that they wouldn’t know it’s for her. I came back with her Java Chip frap and brownie. She thanked me and then persisted on asking for the money again. She really wanted that twenty

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