Personal Narrative: Jordan V. Spider

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It was a chilly May morning during my sophomore year. I had earned my driver’s license the prior November and had become accustomed to taking the same eight minute route to school every morning. At the halfway point, I was horrified to see an eight-legged critter the size of a teacup chihuahua staring back at me. In actuality, it was probably more the size of a quarter, but in my mind it was a rabid, bloodthirsty thing that wanted nothing more than to make a nest in my hair. Jordan v Spider: The Epic Battle ensued, and I somehow managed to maneuver my tiny vehicle into a corn field. The next thing I can recall is crawling out the passenger window. Dazed and confused, I ran from my car, and the monstrous spider, as fast as I could. When I finally looked back, I realized my car was upside down.…show more content…
News Center 7 was sure to get the whole ordeal on camera, covering the entire story of the 16 year old girl who rolled her car because of a spider. Last year my psychology teacher informed me that my wreck had even made the news in Florida! The event that put my small town on the map is still a prominent story discussed whenever anything spider-related is brought up. Of all the reasons a person could earn notoriety, a wreck involving a spider isn’t exactly the most glamorous, but I own it. In the grand scheme of things it could have been worse. The car was totaled, but I was fine. I learned I can handle stressful situations. I learned that sometimes accidents happen. Mostly, I learned not to sweat the small stuff, unless the small stuff is exceptionally big and has eight
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