Personal Narrative: Miss Mindy Sopher

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I have had many teachers throughout the years that have had a great impact on my attitude toward education. No instructor however has had such a huge impact in my life as Miss Mindy Sopher. I first saw her name as my academic advisor listed in My Pack Portal, or my online account at NC State. I had no idea what type of experience I would have with her. Last summer before my freshman year, I sent her an email introducing myself and she was quite impressed by my ambitions, especially becoming a “geographical engineer.” I couldn’t wait to meet her in person at my orientation. When orientation came and I finally got to meet her, I was in for a pleasant start to my college career. She assigned me and all of her other advisees a project in …show more content…

Miss Mindy was kind enough to set me up with a landscape architect who worked for the school. I was impressed with the information that he gave me regarding internships and what career path to take. He strongly encouraged that I take GIS classes and suggested that I should go into civil engineering rather than environmental as it would offer me more of an opportunity to display my creativity. If it had not been for Miss Mindy and her efforts, I would probably be less focused on what career path to take and I would have been less motivated to pursue my …show more content…

For example, she taught us about the MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory assessments. I did these assessments online and the reports I got back on them basically told me about the kind of person that I am and what my interests are. The MBTI assessment told me that I focus my attention on the outside world, I take in information through the senses, I make decisions based on my values, and I deal with the world with a flexible, open-minded approach. The Strong Interest Inventory suggested careers I may be successful in as well as information about my interests. Most assuring to me in my report was seeing mathematics as my highest interest and investigative as my predominant theme, as I feel that I am a strong student in math and a highly curious individual who likes to seek out facts. I was a bit unsatisfied with some of the other results. However, Miss Mindy told me to just use these assessment reports as a guide, as I am ultimately in control of what career path I decide to

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