Personal Narrative: My Consumption Of Soda

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Originally it was hard for me to decide what my topic would be, because I knew there were so many aspects of my character that I could Improve. Over time I realized that I wanted to work on my consumptions of caffeine, but the substance I had wanted to work on the most was my consumption of soda. I felt as if I drank too much and attempted to use that to replace water. Soda hasn’t been a big problem for me but It’s usually my first choice for a drink. Written by Samantha Olson a writer for Medical Daily, with the large amount of high fructose corn syrup in soda that allows the higher risk of metabolic syndrome, a condition associated with heart disease (Olson). Heart Disease runs in my family so I thought this would be a good place to start. Alongside that soda isn’t a very healthy substance so …show more content…

According to Michael Martin, you will acquire more energy because drinks like soda can cause fatigue (Martin). It was after the six weeks that I saw the largest improvement, though during the six weeks I did feel a subtle withdraw from caffeinated drinks but over the time I started to feel more energy that made me feel better about myself. Also I noticed that I did not acquire any migraines after the six week period. Overall I felt much better physically and mentally after lessening the amount of soda that I took in.
My health may not have shown any major improvements but I have been to say that I feel better than I did in the past. Still I can see that I even though I do like soda and I can get it any where it’s not needed, there are dinks out there that taste much better that may be healthier.. Going on the this path has shown me that there are some other health factors that I could improve about myself. Another health factor that is important is weight and not drinking soda can help with the loss of weight. If soda is given up all at once weight will fall off like

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