Argumentative Essay On Soda And Mentos

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Sodas and Mentos Did you know what are sodas? What they are made of? Well this is about the soda and mentos where you use soda and Mentos and see how the soda reacts with the Mentos.It is also about what the soad have inside and how much sugar it carrys inside a can of soda that everybody drinks.They can have carbon dixoide inside and it can have corn syrup and can have up to 10 tablespoons or 36 grams of sugar.They are also other questions you can ask yourself about soda like why dose it react to the Mentos and why not pop rocks.The soda and the Mentos are different but they can react very fast when mixed together. What are sodas? A normal can of coke has about 10 tablespoons or 39 grams of sugar or sometimes a high fructose corn syrup in it.The caramel color in the soda is made by reacting sugar,Soda is addictive because as soon when you drink it the soda haves be mixed with caffeine in it.Caffeine is both water and fat soluble and it is easily able to the cross the blood brain barrier so soda can affect your brain.A bottle of soda can have 20 oz or has about 17 teaspoon or 39 grams of sugar.A soda like coke has phosphoric acid that makes it one of the most acidic drink.The soda can have other ingredients but the main thing that makes a soda a soda is caffeine but the caffeine can easily be able to cross the blood brain…show more content…
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