Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Snowboarding

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My second winter snowboarding started off painful. I was going snowboarding with some family friends at Cranmore Mountain and to say the least the experience was eventful. Getting there we stand in line to get the over priced day passes and struggle in the warmth of the lodge while wearing enough clothes for sub degree weather. We get to the front of our line pay the price on the sign and we were off to a long day of skiing and snowboarding we thought. First thing we do is go to the biggest chair lift which goes to the top of the mountain. As a nine year old boy the ride up was nerve racking enough but boy I didn't know what the ride down would entail.
The top of the mountain was beautiful with views that expanded for miles. As I move …show more content…

I make the unexpected ballsy plunge off the jump which is way to big for me to even consider usually going off. I seem to be flying through the sky and I feel like maybe I got this. I prepare for the landing. One, two, three I am about to land this unexpected trip into the air and I land it. Me landing it lasts around half a second before I no longer have my board on the ground. Now it is just my face smearing across the icy patch. The momentum of my body falling down the hill, my board swings up and crashing along the top of my back. I keep sliding until I have severely gotten a burn across my …show more content…

We get to the E.R. and find a nice long line of injured patients waiting for the very need help of the doctors. I sit down and fill out all the forms I could. I struggle to remember my insurance provider and my primary care doctor. The one line which I still wouldn't even know is the Social Security number. This was especially difficult because my family was over three hours away. “Wyatt?” a nurse says poking her head out from behind the door. I head back to find out what injuries the mountain had bestowed on me. The nurse did the boring average checking of my vitals while I still sat in pain of more serious

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