Personal Narrative: My Experiences As A Writer

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Throughout my many years of schooling, I have developed many different skill sets as a writer, reader and researcher. Through many classes, endless papers, and stacks of grades, both good and bad, I have learned who I truly am when it comes to these skills. All of these experiences have allowed me to develop these skills and improve more and more over time. Through these many years, I have learned my strengths and weaknesses as a writer and who I am as a reader and a researcher. When writing, I have many different strengths and weaknesses which can both help and hurt my paper. When writing an argumentative paper, I find it very easy for me to pick a side and be passionate about it. As someone who wants to pursue a political future, I find…show more content…
When finding evidence to support my argument, I believe it is very important to be as persuasive as possible, in order to sway the reader to see the positives of your stance. Finding this passion so easily comes as a strength to me as it sets a standard for my writing. My highest disadvantages as a writer is that at times I struggle with wording of my papers, which can lead to repeated words or phrases a lot of times in my paper. Although it is a reoccurring problem, it can easily be helped with the work of editing and the use of a thesaurus. Another disadvantage of mine, which affects me both in writing and in my personal life is that I can be too much of a perfectionist at times. It can take multiple times of planning and rewriting until I feel comfortable with my paper. There has been times I’m over halfway through a paper, and I will just start over because I do not like the path that the paper is…show more content…
Through my few experience though, I have found research to be very useful, and quite fun if on a topic of interest or something I am unknowledgeable of. I believe that research is something that is necessary in order to not sound ignorant of the topic you are writing about. Politics shows an amazing example as to why research is necessary in real life situations. Every day, political staffers conduct research on issues arising on the political agenda, various polling, and what steps to take next to make their employer successful in the political field. Politics, along with many other examples shows how useful research is to everyday life, and I believe that same theory can also be applied when writing papers, or any other task in

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