Personal Narrative: My Interview With A Manager

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The people that I chose to interview were Todd Fetters, Paul Fetters, and Jacob Johnson. The reason why I chose these people is because they are people that I respect who have had roles of leadership in various settings in ministry. Some have worked as youth pastors others have taught ministry classes, and others have pastored at churches. The reason why I chose Todd Fetters is because he was a pastor for around twenty-five years and was recently named Bishop of the United Brethren denomination. So being able to interview a person who has been not only a leader of a church but of an entire denomination was very insightful. I chose Paul Fetters because he not only taught leadership classes at the Graduate School for Huntington University, but he was also the Dean of the Graduate School of Christian Ministries. He was also a pastor at a various churches. I thought that it was important to interview someone who not only had experience of leading in ministry but someone who has taught classes on this subject. Jacob Johnson was a person that I picked to interview because he is the youth pastor at Sugar Creek church …show more content…

After talking with him I got a clearer idea of what leadership truly is. Leadership is accomplishing goals through other individuals. This definition helped me learn a lot. It told me that not only does a team need a leader but also a leader needs a team. This seems like a basic concept but it never crossed my mind when thinking about leading. One question that I asked him was “How would you as the leader go about dealing with a situation where someone informs you of a mistake that you did not make?” He mentioned a story about how someone told him about a typo in the bulletin. He told me that it was the secretary’s job to do the bulletins. He said that as a leader you should give credit to others and accept all blame for the department. But you should let the person who did make the mistake aware of

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