Characteristics Of Charismatic Leadership

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1. Describe some characteristics of a charismatic leader. Who might you consider to be charismatic? Why is this so?
One characteristic of a charismatic leader would be their communication skills. This would include his or her listening and speaking skills. According to Cohen (2012), “people tend to remember good listeners as positive people” (para 1). When a leader focuses solely on the employee that is speaking and not working on his or her computer, looking around which may indicate they are bored, or checking their phones, it makes that individual feel as if they matter. Being able to speak effectively and ensuring that all of the information is provided to whoever is being spoken to is an important detail. When employees are given thorough directions, it helps build confidence in his or her leader. Another characteristic a charismatic leader should have is confidence, not only in time, but also in his or her employees. Employees gain confidence in themselves when their leader provides effective criticism along with praise for jobs that have been completed well. Martin Luther King Jr. would be an example of a charismatic leader. People are drawn towards those individuals that are confident in themselves along with the job they are doing and have the ability to inspire others.
2. How does emotional intelligence relate to leadership effectiveness?
In order to be an effective leader, they must be able to balance being a leader while still

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