Personal Narrative: My Life As A Softball Coach

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As a child, I have played a variety of sports including softball, volleyball, and basketball, although

softball has always been my main sport. I used live in Bolingbrook and was about 10 years old, when I

was playing for the Inhouse 10U Bolingbrook Panthers softball team. My father was the coach for our

team, so which meant I’d practice a lot with him. I would practice extra after school, focusing on my main

positions on the field, which were pitching and third base, I would also practice batting. My father had

always motivated me to become better in sports and school, he also prepared me for college by

training me. At the end of my softball team’s season, the coach of a travel team noticed my pitching

skills and wanted me to join their team for a weekend tournament
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That’s when my father told me about how the parents were angry because they

didn’t want to watch their child be replaced by me, I didn't care because I never saw it as a

competition for positions. I liked the girls that I was playing with, so it didn’t come to my mind that I should

are whether or not the parents were mad at my father and I, to be honest I just wanted the chance to play

Softball with a travel team. Although, the angry parents had affected my chances playing on the field

Because the coach didn’t want any complaints. Game after game I sat on the bench and watch the

team lose and this made my father furious. We didn’t give up and go home though. Instead after every tournament game, we would practice

pitching and hitting. I was working harder than everybody else, and would go to the hotel room exhausted.

The night before the last game, my father and one of the player’s parent had a argument about me, which

affected my confidence about playing. I thought that I shouldn't be there and that the only reason that

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