Personal Narrative: My Love For Basketball

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Running down the court, people cheering your name, that's basketball. In this essay I will be discussing how I started as a dancer, and then suddenly found a new love for basketball. The first paragraph will begin to talk about how I began to talk about how I started to doubt myself when I first started playing. In the second and third paragraphs I will speak about my evolution as a basketball player. I was first dancing at the Pella Dance Studio, I was three. I enjoyed the styles ballet, and hip hop.When I was a second grader when began to play in a league in Pella. Our t-shirts were a light blue, and our team name was the Pella Lightning. I was not the best player in the beginning, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. All I can remember was that there was this one girl on my team who always hogged the ball, so that did not really help the cause. My dad was also one of those parents who screamed at their child while they were on the court. As I played more often, I became to be a pretty decent player. Meanwhile my family moved to North Liberty, and I got very nervous about starting basketball. As I got back into playing again, I started at the North Liberty rec league. It was at my last game when some guy came to watch me play, I didn’t even know he was coming! He wanted me to play for his team, but I was not sure if I was ready. I …show more content…

When I started seventh grade I had the chance to play on a different club team, Thunder. In seventh grade I began school basketball, I was very uneasy. Tryouts were not my favorite thing. It turns out I was actually really good, I made it on the A team, and we had a great season. During the summer of eighth grade I went to a basketball camp at Wartburg College, Snow Valley. It was considered to be the most intense camp in the United States. I doubted myself, because I did not know if I could handle it. It turned out to be a great experience, and I really enhanced as a

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