Dean Gullberry's Argumentative Essay

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One summer, there was a kid named Dean Gullberry and Dean liked to play the game of basketball. Dean would always go out to the river court and do what he does best. Dean had three best friends that he had always spent time with 24/7 playing basketball and just hanging out. His friends Ben Dover who lived across the street from Dean, Dixie Normous who Dean met at the river court but didn’t go to his school, and Jack Koffing who Dean met playing travel ball back at Compton. Dean Gullberry had always wanted to play in his city’s basketball league but people kept on saying that he wasn’t good enough, strong enough or big enough to be in the league. That's until Ray Lewis came and spoke one of his motivational speeches to Dean. One day Dean Gullberry’s life would change forever. Dean was walking to the river court but had to take the back alley to get to his destination because Dean heard 50 Cent got shot nine times on his normal path to the river court. While Dean was walking to in the back alley, he found a pair of kicks. Dean noticed they were “Nike Vintage Mid 77 White Blue Premium leather Jordan shoes” the same ones that Michael Jordan wore when he took the Chicago Bulls to the NBA Finals for the first time in 1991 and won it all. Dean noticed that it was also signed by Jordan and on the bottom of shoes were particles that glowed …show more content…

When Dean got the river court, there was a lot more people there than usual. His best friends Ben Dover, Dixie Normous, and Jack Koffing were all there. Jack came up to him and said that these group of guys couldn’t be beat and that they were being cocky about it. That pissed off Dean because that was his court so he looked at his boys and said “let's do this”. Dean put on the Jordans that he found and right when he put them on, he felt all this energy that made him feel like he can do anything. The shoes gave him special powers to do anything on the

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