Personal Narrative: Alzheimer's Funeral

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May 15th 2014

The sombre ceremony drew to an end as the teak coffin was clamped shut and lowered into the ground. No trumpets blared and no guns fired. No one shed any tears and no one cared except me because no one was there.

With a heavy heart, I turn away and begin the long walk home. As I look at the overcast sky, so grey and unfeeling, I am hit by waves of nostalgia as vivid memories of the day I met her overcome me.

January 1nd 2014

Today is my first day at work. I got a new job as a night nurse in a huge skyscraper downtown. The good pay, decent working hours and free lodging and boarding in a luxurious tower made this an impossible offer to refuse. The tower was built by Ms. Nozomi Sasaki a billionaire and a Forbes 100 member …show more content…

She scratches her head and asks me, "Who are you dear girl? Forgive me but I don’t remember seeing you. My memory is really bad, I seem to forget faces quite easily nowadays"

It is apparent to me that her Alzheimer 's is quite advanced and the disease will soon overcome her by shutting down her organs one by one. She at least deserves to die in happiness and not in total neglect and sorrow.

I steel my heart, choke back my tears and say “I am Nozomi mother! Don 't you remember me? I am back for good Mom! Now I would never go back again."

The sad eyes immediately light up with joy on hearing the lies stumbling out of my mouth.

"Nozomi! Is that you?"

"Yes mother your Nozomi is back and she will stay with you in this big empty house and we will have fun!"

'A lie for a smile, fair exchange I suppose '.

With this thought in my mind, I smile broadly and kiss her cheek. The lie was bitter. 10 minutes later, she would probably forget me. But for the time being she was lonely no more. She was happy and content and that is all that matters. No person especially someone who has given so much of her own for another, deserves to die, lonely and neglected, with shards of pain in their heart. Everyone deserves to rest in peace. To achieve this objective, I can live with a

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