Personal Narrative: My Role As A Resident Assistant

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I am in a point in my life where I am focusing on the development of my character in all aspects. I am doing as much as I can to develop professionally, mentally, and socially. Professionally, I am taking on as many leadership positions as I can on campus. I am the treasurer of three organizations, a peer mentor, and a Resident Assistant. These positions will allow me to work on administrative duties, and challenge the time management skills I have obtained. This year I plan on being an Interpersonal Counsellor for the EOF/MAP summer program. I also plan on being a Resident Assistant next academic school year if I receive upper-classmen housing. Furthermore, I hope to acquire an opportunity to intern for an accounting firm. At this stage in professional development, I need to gain some work experience as an accountant to increase my chances for job opportunities after I graduate. I also need to take my GRD for Graduate school, and apply to become an RD the academic school year after next. It will be the best way possible to get my schooling paid for and really enhance my …show more content…

I feel as though I need to work on trusting others more, and following-up with situations. It is very difficult for me to trust people. Although, it could be considered a good/bad thing based on the situation, I want to be able to open-up to others more, and it is something that I am working on. There are also a lot of times where I refuse to ask for help because I think I have the situation under control. When in reality I need some sort of extra help. I also need to work on following up with situations. I tend to be the person that when I find a solution, I leave it alone. Although, just because I find a solution for the moment, it doesn’t mean that I found the best solution/ it will work entirely. I am trying to better myself mentally for personal relationships moving

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