Personal Narrative: My Sister's Keeper

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My cousin Casey was diagnosed at the age of two with acute myeloid leukemia, also known as AML. When I was told about Casey’s condition, I was about 10 years old and had no way of understanding the severity of a toddler obtaining this very rare form of adult cancer. I did realize Casey had been sick but it wasn’t until I watched “My Sister’s Keeper”, a movie about a young girl who suffered from leukemia, that I fully understood all that my cousin had gone through with her cancer treatments. At that moment I decided there had to be a better way to cure cancer.
After that enlightened moment, I have been extremely driven by my fascination of cancer research, biology, genetics, chemistry, and pathology. Without any external incentives, I’ve spent …show more content…

In 9th grade, my “Career Plan” project also allowed me the opportunity to interview a pathologist currently working at Johns Hopkins. Learning about her career helped me realize that scientific research was definitely the right path for me. I feel my continued focus and dedicated hours of self-directed research demonstrates my independence, determination and commitment to learning about this topic. I strive to apply myself in the same way when it comes to other courses, life situations and responsibilities. I currently am working part time for a Rehabilitation Program where I assist with patient data and process analysis. Having exposure to the medical field and working with individuals in treatment has provided me with additional knowledge of the industry. I have begun to recognize that I will not only need to have the knowledge and desire to make new scientific discoveries, but that I will also need to be able to present my findings as a leader in the field. I have tried very hard to learn how to become a positive leader in my community and school through my experiences in student council, community coaching and as the Lacrosse Team Captain. These experiences and opportunities have developed my communication skills, increased my confidence and improved my understanding that leaders are individuals who desire the outcome of others above

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