Personal Narrative: My Sorority Experience

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Tell us about your sorority experience. I have had a fantastic sorority experience. I went through recruitment and joined a sorority with a completely open mind because I am the first in my family to participate in greek life, so I really didn’t know what all to expect. I am confident when I saw say, joining a sorority was the best decision of my life. I have had the opportunity to make amazing friends in and out of my sorority, meet impressive alumni at our international conference, and learn about and actively advocate for our wonderful philanthropy. Furthermore, being in an organization with 200+ girls really helps you learn about yourself and others more than any other experience in college. I am proud, blessed and thankful to wear my …show more content…

Include when and how long you worked at the position, and how many hours you worked per week. I have worked as a food server/beverage cart tenant at The Rawl’s Golf Course at Texas Tech since September of 2016. I worked about 30 hours a week until I got a second job in January of 2017. Currently I work as a Student Assistant in the Office of the Chancellor at TTU for 20 hours a week and work at the Rawl’s Course 12 hours a week. In total, I work about 32 hours a week and occasionally babysit in the evenings. Why do you feel you are a good candidate to receive this scholarship? I feel I am an exceptional candidate to receive this scholarship because I am dedicated to my sorority, I work hard to earn my own income, and I would be devastated if I could not remain a member because of a financial situation. I am devoted to my studies to earn scholarships to help alleviate some of the student loans I am incurring, but unfortunately those do not go towards greek life. This scholarship would be very appreciated and would not go unnoted. Describe your involvement around campus, and in the community. Include any offices or committee positions you have held or are currently holding outside of your

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