Personal Narrative: My Trip To Dominican Republic

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Have you ever just had something that meant so much to you, that you would do anything to not loose it? If that's the case then let me continue.It was a hot, sunny day in Dominican Republic, August. As I was on my way to my Grandfather's house.I would never forget this time, I went to Dominican Republic just to visit my Grandfather, thinking it was going to be amazingly fun. But instead it got a bit emotional.There was once , five years ago, when I was in second grade. I found out I was going to Dominican Republic. One year before that when I was in first grade, I went to Dominican Republic. The next day after we were there I went to my Grandfather's house with my mom and little cousin. When we went to visit he told me to go get something from his room. When I went over to the room I heard him whispering something to my mom. When I was walking back towards the living room where my Grandfather and my mother were, I gave him the box he wanted. When I gave it to him he was searching for something. Once he finally found what he wanted, he handed me something. It was very light. When I look down I realize it was an old photo.I kind of realized who the people were I knew one of them was me. I wasn't really sure who the women was. …show more content…

She's here too, she never left your side, trust

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